All About The Catalyst Project


George Polk

George Polk, founder and CEO of The Catalyst Project, is a serial entrepreneur most recently CEO of The Cloud Networks Ltd., the leading broadband wireless network operator in Europe. He stepped down as CEO of The Cloud in early 2007 to focus on climate change.

Since 2007, George has founded the European Climate Foundation, where he also served as CEO and Chairman of the Executive Committee. He also founded Project Catalyst, a major initiative related to the negotiations for a global climate deal in Copenhagen in December 2009. George has also served as an advisor to major foundations including the ClimateWorks Foundation, and as a senior advisor on climate change to McKinsey & Company.

George Polk is currently working closely with a major global investor building a strategy to deploy $1 billion in investment capital in ways which accelerate the development and diffusion of climate change technologies and business models and speed the transition to the low carbon economy.

George was named a Global Technology Pioneer by the World Economic Forum in 2005, a Pioneer of the City of London in 2006, and has consistently been ranked in the top 25 global technology agenda setters by He is also a fellow of the Royal Geographical Society and of the Royal Institute of International Affairs.

Iris Andrews

Iris Andrews began her career in the NGO community as a campaigner for the newly formed Peace One Day organization based in London. She then took on the challenges of working for Greenpeace in the Brazilian Amazon, and subsequently with Virgin Unite on Nelson Mandela and Graca Machelís project 'The Elders' .

In 2006, Iris was selected for inclusion in 'Exceptional Youth', an exhibition at the National Portrait Gallery celebrating the achievements of young Britons. She also worked with Forum for the Future on the panel for the Future Leaders' Survey.